Epilace Praha
 We know how to solve your problem with unwanted body hair!


Currently, we are the only place in Czech Republic, where you can undergo epilation using laser hair

removal Soprano with this performance.

You should carefully select the device with which your hair removal is performed.

There are many devices on the market, some of which, however, may not meet your requirements;.

Laser hair removal is painless and effective, performed only by trained personnel.

We have been working with hair removal devices since 2008 and we always strive to go with times.

That is why we always wanted to obtain just this laser, its results being incomparable.

A recently published study "European Journal of Laser in Medicine and Science" has clearly

demonstrated an unrivaled ability SHR technology used for diode laser Soprano.


The study can be viewed here.

In Prague, we have opened a branch of our "esthetic studio in Brno"


Where we have acquired a wealth of experience and where we have a satisfied clientele.